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Lectron vs Smart Carb Review

A brief comparison of two more modern carburetors

If you are interested in replacing your Bing or Mikuni carburetor with a different style, this is a review that might halp in your decision. Not strictly vintage , but could be considered a performance modification for your vintage bike. The real benefit should be increased fuel range on a tank of gas. I have used Lectrons in the past and have one mounted on the Penton 400.

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Not So Easy

A public safety film narrated by Peter Fonda with special guest Evel Knievel who provide safety tips and guidance for motorcycle riders. Features performance riding by the Los Angeles Police Department. (OPP Museum accession number 2012.51.5)

Best Dual Sports of 2020

How about

A 125cc Dual Sport?

Or maybe a bigger bike?
This may not be vintage but it is "old school" and I thank Dirt Bike for collecting this helpful information. If you are looking for one motorcycle that can "do it all" which would more correctly be stated as "do a little of everything while not excelling at anything", then one of these motorcycles is for you. And unless you like to pretend you are Valentino Rossi,(there is only Valentino Rossi!!) these are all pretty good choices and more fun for everyday riding.
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